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Well as you can see from the screen shots below it’s not a very graphically pleasing application, but it does what it was designed to do. So what’s that? I’m pretty sure from the title you can probably guess, but just in case you can’t, it’s an application for holding on to all of you recipes!

The interface provides you with the ability to add, edit, and delete recipes. And if you’re really into it you can even add a picture so others know what to expect. This application also supports printing.  This makes for easy sharing and accommodates those who may still wish to maintain an actual book of recipes, besides who really cooks with their computer in the kitchen?

This was the first GUI application I every developed. It was Christmas break 2007 and I was board. I started playing with C# which is a really nice language if you’re developing for a Windows only platform.

This application took me less than a week to develop but it was my gateway drug into software engineering. After I got my software fix school started and I was much to busy to continue developing software that wasn’t school related. Lucky for me I was able to incorporate GUI software into my senior design class.


here's the magic
main interface
buildin' the book
add a recipe
oops made a mistake
edit a recipe


Well thanks to my senior design class I was able to continue GUI development. And how I did that was with an EKG. I know, I know, everyone does that. Well not quite mine was wireless! Check it out in the EKG post. Also if your interested in checking out this cook book application the executable along with all of the source code is available below.

As I stated above this was the first GUI application I ever developed. It’s provided here for you to use (change, study, break, whatever) at your own risk. I have tested and used it myself without a hiccup but that does not mean you will not have one. Okay now go ahead.

This is a C# application that uses an SQL database. This system will only run on a Windows machine. If you intend to develop this further then I assume you’ll know what to do with the stuff in the zip file. If you just want to use it then you need to double click the application to get things started. After you unzip the file the application can be found at

Recipe 1.3/Recipe 1.3/bin/Release/Recipe 1.3.exe

Have FUN!!
Download: (1590)

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