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Raised Garden Bed

If you read my Decomposed Granite Pathway post then you knew this was coming. As I mention in my previous post I started this project to fill my time with something meaningful and also improve the landscape of my home. As a bonus I was able to get a fair amount of organic produce grown by Laura and myself, YUM!

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Decomposed Granite Pathway

Last January I thought¬†it would be nice to get outside and start some new projects that would occupy my time and also improve the value of my home. My original plan started with the side yard of my home which wasn’t much to look at and being on the opposite side of where the back door is I didn’t go over there much. So to make use of that part of my yard and give me an excuse to walk over there more I choose to put in a raised garden, but that’s a later post. This is about making a decomposed granite pathway.

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