Retro Cruiser!

I still enjoy making games and I was very interested in playing with Phaser. Here’s a simple game I threw together using phaser. The embedded demo is below. If you’d rather play the game in full browser window you can do so here. Enjoy!


  • Spacebar: shoot
  • Arrows: move
  • Controls on Mobile: virtual onscreen controls
  • Health is yellow/gold bar on the left
    • Grab some health power ups to recover health
  • Fuel is blue bar on the right
    • Fuel will be used up faster while you move so make sure you grab some blue fuel power ups when they drop or you’ll fall out of the sky!
  • Other power up include more powerful weapons


5 thoughts on “Retro Cruiser!

  1. Hello, I am new in phaser and it is a little hard for me to begin right away to develop a game, and i really like your game can you please send me the source code of the game so i can play with it and learn more.

    Have a grat day!

  2. @edraxeddy

    I typically make my projects available on Github, but I’m not ready to make this available to the public yet. Maybe someday in the future though. If you a have specific question feel free to post it and I’ll help you out if I know the answer.

    For a basic Phaser game like this one you can get pretty far just going off one of their examples. That’s exactly how I started.

  3. Thanks! I ran across the basic game idea on some ‘how to build a game’ web page. Wish I could find the link. Anyway, that lead me to this page where you can download most of the graphics I used.

    I’ve done my own rudimentary graphics in the past. It can be very time consuming and I was mostly interested in just playing with Phaser.

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