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Platform Independent 2D Game Engine

I’ve finally done it!! My platform independent 2D game engine is finally here. I’ve tested this engine on Mac OSX, Ubuntu Linux, Windows, and here’s the really awesome part iPhone. That’s  a pretty large scope. Now you can make one game and distribute on just about any platform that supports C/C++.

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Space Challenge


This is where the fun starts. Game development!  This game is a 2D retro block smashing game. Yes, there are many like it but this one is mine. The game was developed for the iphone so it uses some of the neat little hardware gadgets that are included with the iphone. Like the accelerometer which I used to control the players ship or paddle if you prefer.

With this game you attempt to destroy all the blocks on the screen by hitting them with a ball that is bouncing around the screen. The game includes a small physics engine to give the ball and ship a more realistic feel. When the ball collides with something it will react based on real world physics calculations. This mean the ball has mass which is obviously simulated and when it hits something of greater mass, which is everything else in the game, I know I designed it that way, it will react appropriately by bouncing off in the appropriate direction and with the appropriate velocity. Continue reading Space Challenge