Tupper Crap

Do you ever find yourself frustrated and just outright hating something. I Do. One thing in particular I came across today. Tupperware, in a cabinet, that’s just a mess of tupper-crap. Here’s what I like to do to cope with my hate for tupper-crap.

Usually this comes about after attempting to put away a piece tupperware that just came out of the dishwasher and failing miserably as it mocks with each attempt by sliding out and onto the floor just before the cabinet door closes. Effff!!!! That boils my blood. Ok so back to how I cope.

I start by opening the cabinet all the way. Just let it all hang out in the open, look at mess of tupper-crap. Then I pick up that piece of tupper-crap that’s laying on the floor mocking me. Next I take a few steps back. I want plenty of room to get this little piece of #$@&%*! to maximum velocity. Last step is for safety. I look around to ensure that nothings in my way, I’m getting ready to throw down here. Finally, I throw that little piece of tupper-crap as hard as I can right into that cabinet. BOOM!!! Let it rain. Tupper-splosion!

Now I’m laughing at that would be humiliator of my ego. Hah! now whos laughing! ME! And as a bonus I get to watch all the other pieces of tupper-crap take punishment for all the times they mocked me before and will in the future. TAKE THAT!!

Ahhhhhh, so calming.

Of course this means I have a bigger mess to clean up, but I’m feeling good now so it’s cool. Usually this is about the time I start think about heaven and hell.

While cleaning up my relieving mess, I’ll start to wonder and kind of hope, when I get to this afterlife maybe I’ll come across one of those little pieces of tupper-crap that so enraged me and tell them … I hate you. And they’ll understand.


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